DD-WRT hotspot setup procedure

DD-WRT uses an old version of chillispot, the hotspot software. If you want to use paypal payment, you can't use DD-WRT, as chillispot had a bug making the use of paypal unreliable.

You should consider using the new WorldSpot firmware.


First, you need an internet connection. There is no restriction about the kind of internet connection, but you must have an ethernet plug to connect..

If you don't have a compatible router, be careful when choosing a compatible model. The most known model is the linksys WRT54GL (the L (Linux) is very important). It is not the best but it is cheap and widespread.


Flashing DD-WRT into your router is an easy task. However, please note that incorrect flashing procedure can brick your router and might void its warranty. cannot be held responsible to whatever occurs to your router.

Flashing DD-WRT

First you have to make sure that your router is supported and has at least 4mb of flash.

IMPORTANT: Supported routers with 2Mb flashes can't actually run chillispot, and can't be used for a hotspot.

Make sure you read the precautions for flashing.

Download DD-WRT V23SP2 here (DD-WRT V24 may work as well, but there are some reported problems)

Then you must follow the procedure that correspond to your router in the DD-WRT installation page.

If you have questions about flashing you can ask for help in the forum.

Configure DD-WRT

Once your router is flashed:

  • Connect the internet (WAN) port to your modem or existing router. (VERY IMPORTANT as the hotspot doesn't work if internet comes from LAN port)
  • Connect your computer to one of the LAN ports. (disable your static ip and let dhcp automaticaly configure your ip)
  • Should should be able to connect to your router web management ( (login: root, password: admin)
  • Select
  • Check that you can connect to the internet from your computer. If not, setup your internet connection.
    • If your existing router address is at same address (192.168.1.x) you must change your router IP (like
  • Once your internet is working, setup your wireless lan. Disable Encryption for your hotspot users.
  • Check that you can connect to the internet from your wireless device
  • If everything works, then simply enable chillispot with the given settings in Administration/Hotspot/Chillispot
    • Enable chillispot
    • Enable "Separate wifi from the lan bridge": This enable your wired lan to connect directly to the internet without going through chillispot. Your LAN is also protected from your wifi users.
    • On DHCP interface, select WLAN. (This setting depends on the hardware and the dd-wrt firmware version. It could be eth1 or wl.0)
    • Set Radius server 1 to be the ip address of a your primary radius server
    • Set Radius server 2 to be the ip address of a your secondary radius server (use the same as server 1 or leave the zeros if you only have one)
    • Set dns server to be the ip address of a dns server
    • In Shared Key, put your radius secret password
    • Radius NASID is the radius name of your hotspot
    • Redirect Url is the address of the Uam Server, the web authentication portal.
    • UAM Secret is a secret password between the Redirect Url and the hotspot.
    • UAM Allowed is a list of website that unauthenticated users are allowed to use.
  • Save and reboot your router
  • Your hotspot should work now. If you tested your wifi device before setting up chillispot, restart it to get the new chillispot IPs.


All your computers connected on the LAN ports will be protected from your hotspot users.

Note: Theses instructions should also work with DD-WRT v24beta. This new release brings a new very cool feature.

The multiple SSID allows to have several virtual wifi networks. One unencrypted for your hotspot users, one encrypted for your private use, (maybe one more encrypted also for your hotspot users... this will be tested in the future). Note that v24 is still beta and not yet released!